Diversity and Inclusion best practices

Whether your goal is compliance or not, diversity and inclusion best practices start with changing the culture of your organization. Additionally, leadership must be committed to the change for there to be effective change. Here are some best practices for making your organization and workplace more inclusive:

  1. Dedicate resources to ensure an inclusive workplace
  2. Assess your current inclusion strategies to determine a roadmap
  3. Educate employees through groups or training
  4. Get feedback on your company brand in the marketplace to determine your standing on inclusiveness
  5. Create communication pipelines to bridge your company to the community
  6. Remember inclusiveness is not a one time event, it is an ongoing commitment
  7. Have leadership be a part of the change

While these practices are not exhaustive, they do provide a good outline to get started for your company. You can visit government agencies like the: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs for more information around equal employment, complinace, and inclusion practices.